There are 5 habits in life that will reduce your immunity.

There are 5 habits in life that will reduce your immunity.

The body’s immunity is an issue that has been repeated. Obviously, not only one person has said to him that it can improve the body’s immunity! A kind of knowledge has long been generated that exercise can improve immunity. Is there such a small partner by your side who always touts that he has a strong immunity? Many people have a certain misunderstanding about immunity. They think that immunity is congenital. People with strong immunity will always get stronger. Then it is wrong. Even if immunity can be improved, then it shows that it can also be reduced. There are many ways to improve immunity, and you don’t know much about it. So which behaviors will reduce immunity? Has your immunity been reduced? Take a look.

Although immunity has a certain influence with innate standards, the key is acquired influence. People with strong immunity cannot be carefree. If you have the following behaviors, it means that your immunity has been reduced.

stay up

For various reasons, such as being too busy studying at work, or not having time to chase dramas or playing games during the day, I plan to use my time at night to enjoy my own independent years and choose to stay up late. And when we are sleeping, the body’s immune system is “recruiting” the immune system, and the body is producing and replenishing cellular immunity for you. Often staying up late will affect the normal metabolism of your body and reduce your immunity. , Only by ensuring adequate sleep can we ensure “sufficient soldiers”. It is clearly proposed that people of each age group have different sleep times. Adults are recommended to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day, and the elderly are recommended to sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Do not like to use hand washing and disinfection

There are so many things that everyone should touch with their hands every day. Books, pens, keyboards, handles, mobile phones, etc., are countless, and such things are usually attached to many germs. Dr. Hu Shengbiao of Hunan Normal University once did it. Tests have confirmed that there are more germs on mobile phones than on toilets.

Not to mention things that have been touched by countless people’s hands in public areas. Generally, people are only used to washing their hands with cold water after going to the bathroom. Normally, they don’t wash their hands for disinfection, not to mention any inconvenience to use. The hand sanitizer is disinfected. This causes the bacteria on your hands to be unable to be removed. Then you touch your lips and rub your eyes lightly. The bacteria enter the human body, which will reduce your body’s immunity for a long time. Therefore, you should wash your hands frequently, and wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer when you are okay, so that everyone’s arms are relatively tidy and prevent rubbing your eyes and touching your lips with your hands.

Eat more and move less, obese people should pay attention

Chubby people generally like to eat sweets and meat, and usually don’t like exercise. This is all related to the reduction of body immunity. In addition, obesity will continue to cause a lot of damage to the body, and it will also cause a lot of trouble in daily life. If you are confused by obesity, don’t hesitate anymore and get exercise now. Eat less sweet, and eat more cellulose and colorful ingredients, such as new vegetables and fruits.

I love drinking, I can’t stop when I drink

Authoritative experts have clearly pointed out that ethanol has a bad effect on many immune systems, and that excessive blood alcohol content can easily cause inflammation and infection. Authoritative experts have conducted scientific research experiments on 15 men and women. The conclusions of the experiments are very interesting. The study found that the human body’s immune system will become more and more active in the short term after drinking alcohol, but after many hours, the original level will be restored and the protein will increase. , Which will reduce the response rate of the immune system, thereby reducing the body’s immunity.

Often affected by negative emotions, often anxious and negative

Mentality has a great influence on everyone’s body, and often anxiety has a bad influence on the central nervous system, thereby reducing the body’s immunity.

Now everyone knows that the body’s immunity is actually reduced due to acquired effects. Although it has a certain influence on innateness, “my life is involuntary.” Don’t be envious of waiting for innate immunity. Don’t worry about getting sick all the time because of poor immunity, we can improve everyone’s body immunity based on acquired diligence! In addition, it also reminds friends who are consciously immune to pay more attention to their daily lives to prevent the behaviors in the previous article and maintain their own strong immunity.

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