Buy Hygene Igetropin (IGF-1 Long R3) Online For Sale USA Canada UK Canada Express Shipping

Buy Hygene Igetropin (IGF-1 Long R3) Online For Sale USA Canada UK Canada Express Shipping


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Hygene Igetropin is an injectable drug produced by Hygene, China and it contains IGF-I (Insulin alike Growth Factor) and IGF-II which are in the family of insulin-like growth agents that are anatomically homologous to proinsulin. These connections are present in many soft tissues and cell types and might have autocrine, paracrine and endocrine purposes. In medicine, it is useful in therapy of kidney disease, osteoporosis ( a condition resulting in decreased bone mineral density, also called as brittle bones), atherosclerosis and myotonic muscles dystrophy as well.

The basic effect of Hygene Igetropin is regulation of glycogen metabolism. It is known to have anabolic features. This remedy induces transport of glycogen and amino acids in muscular and other soft tissues. This drug may also increase protein anabolism. It is a growth agent and it is one of the most powerful in the human organism. Another excellence that Igetropin has over other hormones is that it has a lot more of an affinity to fasten to muscle cells in place of bone and organ cells.

Hygene Igetropin is most efficient when administered hypodermic and injected once or twice per day. The best time period for injections is either in the afternoon or immediately after physical training. The most efficient length for a cycle of Igetropin is 2 months on and 1 month off. The average dosage is rather controversial in using this therapy. The most used doses range between 20 mcg daily and up to 120 mcg daily. IGF only comes in the milligram, one mg will give you 2 monthes cycle at 20 mcg daily, 2 mg will give you 2 months cycle at 40 mcg daily, and so on.

The primary side effects of Igetropin and other isuline including medications include: acromegaly in sportsman (a condition where the hypophysis gland produces over growth hormone resulting in the increase and swelling of body parts, usually hands, feet, ears but can progress to forehead and jaw protrusion and swelling of inner organs). Also one can experience: abnormal expansion of organs, lower than regular levels of dextrose in the blood, prostate, lungs and colorectal cancers dispositions.

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