Buy MERCK Serono Serostim 6mg Online For Sale In USA UK EU

Buy MERCK Serono Serostim 6mg Online For Sale In USA UK EU


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7 vials for each box,
18IU(6mg) for each vial
total 126IU for each box

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Serono Serostim is a human growth hormone (HGH) of rDNA origin. This means that Serostim is produced through the sophisticated recombinant DNA technology. rDNA is used to produce a synthetic aid that serves a similar purpose to the natural growth hormone substance produced by the pituitary gland. HGH aids in promoting muscle health, tissues, and bones.

Manufactured in Switzerland and marketed by Serono Laboratories, Serostim is an FDA-approved medication recommended for treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome including HGH deficiency-related issues. The substance is Somatropin 191AA with a strength that sums up to 126IU (18IU per vial) of 7 vials.

Somatropin contains up to 191 amino acids making it compatible for the human body to react accordingly once treatment begins. No man or woman wouldn’t want to pause the time as long as looking young is in the picture. HGH is practically the ultimate option that is there for us to enjoy the rare fountain of youth. Serono Serostim aid individuals gain the benefits of:

· lower blood pressure

· higher levels of energy

· better cholesterol control

· improved cardiac health

· greater immune system

· stronger bones

· better sexual performance

· reduced baldness

· wrinkle removal

· among others

This is a treatment that is significant in fat mobilization as well as healing properties. Mostly for those that have undergone surgery, Serono Serostim is used to aid in the healing process. Experts suggest that you take 2-3 IUs every day for better results in terms of gaining lean muscle and improving overall performance. For training purposes, others advice you go for 4-5 IUs. Depending on who you decide to seek the services from, a professional will surely help you get the best dosage for best results.

Recent news shows that Serostim HGH is being investigated as a potential medication for lipodystrophy – an anti-HIV offshoot that has the issue of leading to fat buildup around areas such as the belly, breasts, and back neck. It is also believed that Serostim can aid in the production of T cells to boost HIV-positive persons’ immunity.

Serono Serostim can be administered through the use of:

· Hypodermic needle or

· SeroJet (needle-free device)

It is important to note that biosynthetic hormone should never be given through the mouth since it becomes useless. Subcutaneous injection is the popular way of administering the Serostim treatment. But if you feel uncomfortable with the injections, SeroJet is the ideal option to consider. With this device, the hormone can be pushed directly below the skin, without having to use a needle.

Apart from the swelling in the hand, muscle pain, respiratory issues, and rise in glucose levels, Serono Serostim 126IU is highly recommended for most – if not all – growth related issues.

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