Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 10 vials * 3.3 mg
Dosage: 100 IU


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The package consists of 10 “SP Tropin” vials of 100 IU (33mg). 10 HGH vials with each vial of 10 IU (3,3 mg). The high-quality Somatropin is manufactured at the widely known SP laboratories factory which is located in East Europe. Besides, Human Growth Hormone is released by the well-established manufacturer with long experience in this business.

SP Tropin is a human growth hormone that is manufactures by SP Laboratories. This product is mainly used by people who have growth hormones deficiency or people who would like to increase their levels of the growth hormones. It is made just like the growth hormone produced by the body. Consequently, it gets into the body without causing any kind of unwanted effects.

Without enough growth hormones in the body people experience different kinds of problems. These include feeling fatigued quickly and being affected by stress. But upon getting enough growth hormones the body is able to burn the excess fat which is usually stored by the body. The hormones also play an important role in helping muscle building. This is helpful especially to people who often participate in physical activities. There are also other benefits that users of growth hormones such as SP Tropin enjoy such as reduced stress.

The company that makes this product which is SP Laboratories is well known for producing all its products under high production standards. The company has state of the art facilities which it uses to produce its products. This company also has a team of qualified specialists who are able to manufacture the different products effectively. The specialists usually do research and then develop products that have met the necessary standards. The company ensures that all manufactured products are tested properly.

The products made by this company are easy to verify whether they are genuine or not. The packages that come with this product have verification codes which users just need to send through the official company website. Upon sending this message one gets a confirmation whether the particular product is genuine or not. This is important because most ordinary people might not be able to tell the products that are genuine and which are not. The packages are also properly secured to make sure that users can know whether anyone has tampered with the packages. Therefore, SP Tropin is a human growth hormone which has been confirmed to be effective and safe.


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